TB caliper digital with memory

ref 15350

Accuracy and fast result. Economic : use the solar energy


  • unscrew the lock screw of your TB caliper digital with memory
  • switch “on” 
  • select “mm” or “inch” pressing the top blue button. Each pression changes the selection. 
  • Close the Vernier with a normal pression to close the jaws. 
  • Then press the button “zero” so the display indicates 0 and is calibrated.  
  • You can now measure the thickness of the skin.  


  • Before using the TB caliper, clean the ruler with dry cotton to avoid problems due to dusts.
  • Keep your instrument clean and dry
  • The measurement  faces must be cleaned with cotton. do not use oil, acetone or other oraganic solution. You will preserve the battery life if switching OFF when not using the instrument 
  • Do not apply electric power on the instrument, do not use electric pencil 
  • Battery have to be replaced when the display is flashing : open the battery lid, place a new battery + on top and replace the lid. In case of problem when cahnging the battery (display not working) take off the battery, wait 30 s and replace the battery and select “0”

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