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knives for hoof trimming

HOOF KNIFE "Tradition"

The knife used many times

WIDE Blade : 13 mm

and LONG : 78 mm.

-Carbon steel

-Beechwood handle


The knife wich has proven itself  next to hoof trimmer

Narrow blade: 8 mm

and LONG : 78 mm

-Carbon steel

-Beechwood handle

HOOF KNIFE "Expert Grip"

The hoof knife with a positive influence on the edge retention and a good durability. 

Narrow blade : 8 mm

and Short : 67 mm.

Blade high alloyed steel

-Shaft in plastic bi-component, hygienic.


-Ergonomic shape to relieve joints.


-Sharpening angle at 0° scalpel type  for work on hard hoof.

HOOF KNIFE "Champion"

for expert carbon steel blade very sharp at 0°.

Narrow blade : 8 mm

and Short : 67 mm.

-Shaft laminated wood


-Sharpening angle 0° scalpel type for work on hard hoof.  

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